Car Reviewer Can’t Understand Why The Lotus Eletre Isn’t Lotus-y


    By Chris Ward, July 16, 2023


    Alright, we’re utterly satisfied that the Lotus Eletre will lastly vanquish the grim automotive reaper from frequently haunting Lotus. The Lotus Eletre is probably the most fascinating electrical SUV of the 12 months as a result of it’s made by Lotus. Really, Lotus is owned by the Chinese language automotive juggernaut Geely and the Eletre is made in China. China’s EV market and know-how are way more superior than something we’ve in Europe.

    It isn’t simply the EV know-how that’s superior, China’s EV ideology and pondering are additionally far more superior. China doesn’t have a legacy of investing billions into inside combustion applied sciences, it doesn’t have the dirty hyperlinks with large oil that plague many legacy European automobile producers.

    Whereas Germany’s EV pondering is blinkered and its trade is in a state of de-industrialisation attributable to NATO’s proxy warfare in Ukraine, China with its 1 billion inhabitants is ready to act swiftly to implement change. Change is nice, change is usually a required benchmark wanted for survival. However British motoring journalists need every part to stay the identical.

    Take this fella, Mat Prior from Autocar, he bemoans the truth that the Eletre, a close to 3-tonne hyper electrical SUV, doesn’t really feel like a Lotus to drive. Presumably, he means a Lotus two-seater sports activities coupe. At this level, I’m slapping my brow in whole disbelief. Would he metaphorically favor Lotus to exist in a close to state of chapter sometimes surfacing from its watery grave for a determined gasp of air?

    Come on, please!

    The Eletre ought to be nothing like outdated Lotus, the Eletre places Lotus again on the map. It’s a constructive facet that the Eletre is just not like outdated Lotus and I may go on and on. Lotus doesn’t have to recruit motoring journalists to assist promote the Eletre as a result of it sells itself.

    It doesn’t drive like a Lotus? JFC!


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