Ford’s BlueCruise 1.2 Announced | Edmunds


Within the Blue Zone

Earlier than diving into all that is shiny and new with Ford and Lincoln’s up to date self-drive programs, let’s take a refresher course in the way it operates. To begin, much like Cadillac’s Tremendous Cruise driver help system, BlueCruise and ActiveGlide cannot merely be switched on wherever the motive force chooses to take action.

At current, BlueCruise/ActiveGlide could be activated on roughly 130,000 miles of premapped and divided highways all through North America. As time and know-how march on, the quantity of usable BlueCruise-friendly roads will steadily enhance too.

When the car detects it is touring alongside one in every of these mapped roadways, it indicators to the motive force through the digital gauge cluster that she or he is now within the Blue Zone, and Blue Cruise could be activated if the motive force needs. No shock, the indication itself includes the cluster glowing blue. As soon as engaged, BlueCruise manages the car’s pace, steering and braking, all whereas sustaining a protected distance to surrounding visitors.

Whereas the car determines it is protected to activate BlueCruise, a driver consideration monitor ensures the individual behind the wheel should keep targeted on the street forward. In different phrases, no napping, studying a guide, or different duties that may distract the motive force. This isn’t a totally autonomous system, and the motive force must be able to take the wheel at any time.


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