Here’s How Fast the Latest EVs Can Charge


From the September 2022 concern of Automobile and Driver.

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Welcome to Automobile and Driver’s Testing Hub, the place we zoom in on the check numbers. We’ve been pushing automobiles to their limits since 1956 to supply goal information to bolster our subjective impressions (you may see how we check right here).

Charging is sophisticated, and automakers are a part of the issue, making numerous claims about peak charging charges, time to cost between two states of cost (resembling 10 to 80 %), or time so as to add a sure variety of miles. However there’s no commonplace metric of comparability.

Enormous peak numbers are spectacular, but when the ability circulation falls off a cliff instantly after, it’s not terribly significant. What actually issues is the common charging charge and the way lengthy it takes so as to add real-world miles.

We check from a ten to 90 % state of cost on the quickest gear an EV can deal with. Lots of the fastest-charging automobiles require Electrify America’s 350-kW chargers, which sporadically didn’t function as promised on this 12 months’s testing. So, some outcomes are lacking.

In some instances we subbed in a just lately examined instance for an EV of the Yr contender, and we didn’t check each variant powered by the identical battery pack. We’ve condensed that information to 2 figures proven within the chart beneath: the common charging charge for your entire time plugged in and the time it takes so as to add 100 real-world freeway miles, utilizing the outcomes from our 75-mph vary check. Autos within the upper-right quadrant excel at each accepting high-power electrical energy and rapidly including miles.

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Infographic by DGFX StudioAutomobile and Driver

Though the Hummer EV had the second-highest peak cost charge, and a good 98-kW common, its inefficiency and a battery pack that’s greater than 60 % bigger than the next-largest means it nonetheless took the longest to cost. The fast-charging and environment friendly Lucid Air wins, taking simply eight minutes for a 100-mile top-off. Nonetheless, within the prime cluster of seven stellar performers that may add 100 miles in underneath quarter-hour, the three that price lower than $100,000 are all from the Hyundai/Kia/Genesis conglomerate. Demonstrating the corporate’s fast charge of development is that the Ioniq 5 has a mean cost charge greater than double that of Hyundai’s previous-generation EV effort, the Kona Electrical. And it additionally exhibits the quirks of fast-charging an EV: The time it takes to cost the Ioniq 5 from 10 to 80 % is just three minutes longer than the time to go from 80 to 90 %.


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