How Does the BMW M4 CSL Compare the E46 M3 CSL?


If you drive the brand new BMW M4 CSL, it’s exhausting to not be impressed by its functionality. It’s so quick, so extremely grippy, and so brutally efficient at reworking horsepower into velocity that it’s inconceivable to not be left in awe. Nevertheless, as spectacular as it’s, one has to marvel if it actually feels as particular because the predecessors that share its badge. So on this new video from Hagerty, Henry Catchpole drives the M4 CSL back-to-back with arguably the most effective driving BMW in historical past—the E46 M3 CSL.

On paper, the M4 CSL flat-out demolishes the E46 M3 CSL. It makes virtually 200 horsepower extra, hits 60 mph round two seconds faster, and has a lot extra grip it makes the E46 M3 CSL look sloppy. Nevertheless, the E46 is lighter, its engine is often aspirated and therefor extra playful, and it makes a greater noise. Its steering is purer, it seems to be about one million occasions higher, and it has a much smaller footprint, making it simpler to put on the highway. So which automotive is definitely higher once you cease spec sheets and put tire to tarmac?

BMW E46 M3 CSL 7 750x500

There are some issues the M4 CSL does higher than its iconic predecessor. Its transmission is much better. The eight-speed ZF auto within the M4 CSL won’t be the sharpest, most fun gearbox to make use of, particularly in a automotive just like the CSL, however its shifts are far faster and smoother than the irritating SMG within the E46. There’s additionally the brakes, which profit from twenty years of technological development and are immense. Stomping the cease pedal in an M4 CSL is gentle kissing a brick wall at velocity.

Nevertheless, that’s actually about it. One factor Catchpole notes is the engine. The E46 M3 CSL’s 3.2-liter “S54” straight-six is pure magic, with a personality, soul, and noise that, as he places it, the M4 CSL’s S58 engine can’t hope to match. Positive, the M4 CSL is a lot sooner it’s laughable however there’s little question in his thoughts which engine he’d reasonably use.

BMW M3 CSL and M4 CSL 2 830x553

The M4 CSL is an efficient automotive, one which’s immensely spectacular, but it surely isn’t in the identical league because the E46 M3 CSL, by way of specialness or character. If you wish to see why, this video is a a lot watch as a result of Catchpole places each automobiles back-to-back on observe and assessments the M4 CSL on the highway. You possibly can see and listen to how each automobiles examine and, afterward, there’s simply no arguing his conclusion.


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