Ineos Fake Land Rover Defender Has Evolved Reality


    By Chris Ward, July 17, 2023

    We’ll preserve this temporary, I don’t what planet the parents over at INEOS stay on however you must stay on one other world or exist in one other a part of the multiverse to imagine the INEOS pretend Land Rover Defender is none apart from a basic Land Rover Defender. We’re not shilling for Land Rover, that bridge was incinerated years in the past thanks largely to an ultra-Karen who continues to be proudly a part of the Land Rover UK PR division. An ultra-Karen who didn’t perceive the ambassadorial side of her job and as a substitute used her place to swell her ego-driven and pointless racist retribution.

    Anyway, I’m going off-topic, we’re meant to be moving into a brand new path, to stop residing up to now. The INEOS pretend Land Rover Defender is debuting a pickup model of the INEOS pretend Land Rover Defender. That’s all we’ve to say about it, we maintain little respect to the pretend Land Rover Defender as a result of it lacks originality.

    However in case you are an out-of-touch billionaire with huge wealth and select to stay in your individual indifferent actuality, believing you make a significant contribution, it’s perplexing why the British motoring media has not criticized INEOS for seemingly replicating the design language of the unique Land Rover Defender.

    The British motoring media are at all times fast to lambast Chinese language automobile makers for copy-pasting, keep in mind the Landwind X7? Just like the INEOS pretend Land Rover Defender, the Landwind was a copy-paste of the Land Rover Evoke and prompted a robust backlash from the British motoring media.

    In distinction, the INEOS pretend Land Rover Defender appears to have obtained much less scrutiny for its design selections. This discrepancy raises questions on consistency within the media’s method to addressing design imitations and highlights the necessity for honest and goal evaluations throughout the business.

    We’ll give INEOS a morsel of credit score, they do deserve some recognition for the job creation related to their pretend Land Rover Defender challenge, even when its longevity stays unsure.

    INEOS Fake Land Rover Alert


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