Is the G80 BMW M3 Faster Than a BMW M8?


The G80 BMW M3 is surprisingly quick. Why do I say “surprisingly” when it has 503 horsepower and a quick-shifting eight-speed computerized? As a result of even with its spectacular claimed horsepower, it data efficiency metrics that appear like they need to come from a automotive with a minimum of 100 extra horsepower. So what occurs when somebody places it up in opposition to a automotive that does have 100 extra horsepower—the BMW M8?

On this new video from Edmunds, the G80 BMW M3 50 Jahre takes on the BMW M8 Competitors Coupe. On paper, the M8 has a little bit of a bonus. Its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 makes 617 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. It’s about 300 kilos heavier than the M3 nevertheless it makes way more energy than the M3’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6 with 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft. Each vehicles use computerized transmissions and all-wheel drive, although.

Edmunds’s check is fascinating, too. They name it the “U-Drag” as a result of it’s a drag race within the form of a “U.” Easy sufficient. The vehicles first do a standing quarter-mile drag race however then, after crossing a quarter-mile, the have to tug an enormous U-turn and fireplace again all the way down to the unique beginning line. That conducts 4 totally different assessments in a single: a standing quarter-mile, onerous braking, grip/dealing with, and a rolling quarter-mile. So it helps get a greater thought of which vehicles are sooner, quite than a typical drag race. The check was additionally carried out twice, with a driver and lane swap, to make sure honest outcomes. And the outcomes are fascinating.

Within the video, you get a totally breakdown of each vehicles’ efficiency. Edmunds gives 0-60 mph occasions, quarter-mile occasions, lateral grip, and full race time figures. So you possibly can see the place every automotive’s strengths and weaknesses are, simply how nicely every one efficiency in every part, and why the winner received.

There’s no query that the BMW M8 is extra highly effective however is it really sooner in actuality. It weights about 300 kilos extra, which ought to have an effect on each pace and braking, and it has an extended wheelbase so a good turning circle is tougher. So, because the BMW M3 is such an overachiever and appears to have a bonus in these different areas, this really does appear to be a really fascinating race and the outcomes would possibly really shock you. Nevertheless, there actually isn’t a lot of a loser right here, as each vehicles are astonishingly fast and the races have been each fairly shut. I don’t know what BMW is feeding its Bavarian horses however they’re a lot sturdy.


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