Mazda Has Become The Nothing Brand


    By James Broughton, July 4, 2023

    Whats up, my disciples, to all of you, I lengthen the hand of acceptable bigotry, I gained’t face any repercussions as a result of I’m a star who is just too large to fail. And I personal a farm so I’m used to excrement coming my manner. Speaking of excrement, the opposite day I used to be driving a good friend’s Mazda… one thing. I can’t keep in mind the title as a result of to my delicate eyes Mazda has develop into completely forgettable. Then I believed, sure I do suppose which is actually tough for me to do at any time, then I believed to myself what has Mazda completed to develop into extra memorable?

    Just a few days later…


    Just a few days later…

    Mazda has completed nothing. From what I can see Mazda lives in a state of perpetual existence its operate is to serve no function aside from the aim of present. The Mazda… one thing I drove was actually forgettable, it took me from A to B however driving the Mazda… one thing, felt like I used to be having an outer physique expertise. They are saying it’s powered by Skyactive expertise, which is appropriate as a result of driving the Mazda…one thing did really feel like I used to be floating above it wanting down at me driving it.


    Mazda has nothing to supply me that’s genuinely of curiosity, with one minor exception, the MX5. The MX5 is sensible, nevertheless after realising it’s primarily purchased by paedophiles I’ll by no means once more go close to the MX5. My technology thought Rolf Harris was sensible, however he was a paedophile working in plain sight and he drove a Mazda MX5. I didn’t know then however I do now.

    So Mazda has develop into the nothing model of the automotive world, I’ve nothing extra to say.

    Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog contributor


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