The 5 conditions that Ferrari requires to buy its models, and that will cause you a problem if you break just one of them.

The 5 conditions that Ferrari requires to buy its models, and that will cause you a problem if you break just one of them.

The curious case of the Ferrari Purosangue sold to a Dutch customer and which ended in a three-way conflict between the buyer, the dealer and the brand was settled in favor of the latter. Now we know the arguments of the Maranello brand so that customers can access one of the prized models in its range.

When all the betting tips pointed to a ruling in favor of the Dutch customer after the lawsuit imposed by this having reserved a Ferrari Purosangue that the Italian brand refused to sell to a specialized dealer in the country of windmills and tulips for this customer, the lawsuit filed by the buyer himself was turned around, giving the reason to the manufacturer and, therefore, to the dealer.

For the vast majority it was a real surprise, because these cases are usually resolved facing the buyer and not towards the brand, which put all its artillery to come out successful, because the Ferrari Purosangue has only been sold to a number of customers that the Maranello called VIP and TOP. Now, they have learned what are the five conditions that govern the famous golden rule “The will of Ferrari is law” ending the dream of the Dutchman with this exclusive SUV. A warning to all those who, no matter how much money they have in their pockets, Ferrari will not fulfill their dreams in any way.

Ferrari exclusivity comes at a price, and not what you pay.

These rules remind owners of what they are signing up for when they access a model in the range, and what they are contractually bound to. Purosangue’s was the latest case but there have been more in the brand’s recent history, such as that of Canadian DJ Deadmau5 with a 458 Italia, and who was called to order by the Italian brand. He thought it was funny to decorate a side with an emoji called “Nyan Cat”, a cat meowing with a rainbow trail on its tail, annoying Ferrari enormously.

1. Ferrari’s can’t wear any other color.

Exclusive brands offer special colors to satisfy owners, more flashy or more extravagant, but Ferrari does not give that option. The colors of each model are purposely designed and approved by the manufacturer if they fit like a perfect suit, so no color changes are allowed, not even through vinyl wraps. Herbert Appleroth, an x-director of the brand in Australia and Asia, has reminded that the color pink is strictly forbidden in the brand.

2. Owning a Ferrari for at least one year

You can become disenchanted and get more money for a particular model on the used market, but a key condition is to keep a Ferrari for a year in property. If you do it before that time, you will receive a threatening letter with legal actions, as well as the express prohibition of being able to buy a new Ferrari again.


3. Ferrari has priority

This rule is curious, because if it has priority, it should be the first of the five. In this case, it does not mean that it has a special exclusivity over other models of other brands that you have in the garage -which also, in the case of the Purosangue, you must already have another one or have owned it before- but that if you want to sell it after a year, the brand has priority, so you are obliged to go to an official dealer to find out where and in whose hands it will end up.

4. No self-promotion and less vulgar photos.

Everyone likes to show off their new car and publish it on social networks, especially if it is a model as exclusive as a Ferrari, so the company prohibits self-promotion. Something that does not forgive as well as vulgar, obscene or any kind of photographs that the Italian brand considers that tarnishes its image. It is forbidden to publish images in which one of its models is a hook for other high-class products, be it clothes, shoes or wines…

5. The Prancing Horse is sacred

The Ferrari emblem is sacred and does not admit sacrileges of any type, remembering much more that they cannot be replaced by others of the owner’s liking. Those on the bodywork must shine by themselves.

If you intend not to comply with this rule, you are directly invited to choose another of the great brands that exist in the luxury market and compete with Ferrari, which are much more permissive or simply do not care what you really do with the vehicle. Because, at Ferrari, if you also crash your car on a conventional road -because you have been distracted or have not complied with the traffic limitations of the road- you are also sentenced, you will never have a Ferrari again.


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